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Smart in-Car Electric Heating Kettle

Sailwider's in-car electric heating kettle is the in-car kettle that can really boil the water to over 100℃. A testing is really necessary before purchasing an in-car electric kettle.



Our car electric heating kettle is a very new and fully intelligent product that makes use of the car's own power supply system to fully heat the water until it is suitable for coffee, tea,  instant noodle, or milk. All these can be done on the way, providing the utmost convenience to the driver and the passenger. Our car electric heating cup helps to save time and money, reduce the times to go to store or highway service station. The hot water can be available all the way on the car, which certainly is good for the health of the driver and the passenger in a long driving travel, especially when the driver is driving in the wildness, our car electric heating kettle is a must.


Item No. N-98 E-350 S-280
Cup Body Material

High-borosilicate glass liner, high strength polycarbonate (PC) plastic cup body

Double-layer high-borosilicate glass liner Double-layer high strength polycarbonate (PC) plastic cup body
Volume 275ml 400ml 400ml
Temperature Display Intelligent Digital Display Intelligent Digital Display Intelligent Digital Display
blue screen
Time to boiling full cup water 25-28 minutes 17-18 minutes 17-18 minutes
Optional Color Gold, Silver, Black Silver Silver, Black, Red


1) Pure new product with exclusive technology.
Intelligently design based on the principle of fuzzy control. Our car electric heating cup truly realizes the functions of dry-fire protection and automatic memory restore for the heating.

2) High efficiency and energy saving.
Our car electric heating cup adopts the crystal heater of IR (International Rectifier). It heats water with super high efficiency and can slow the heat-dissipating speed.

3) Environment-friendly and healthy
The car electric heating cup adopts folding installation structure. The inner cup body uses high-borosilicate glass liner. The outer cup body is made from high strength polycarbonate (PC) plastics, perfect for anti-collision and easy to disassemble and recycle.

4) Intelligent control
The mirco-computer intelligent control system is applied in our car electric heating cup. Water can be heated accurately to preset temperature. It is with touch sensor button and the operation can be done on just one button. When the power is off, the cup restores automatically and saves the operation status.

5) Safe and reliable
The cup is equipped with multi-protection, such as over-voltage protection, dry-fire protection and one-circuit-breaker. The reliability is assured.

6) Digital display
Our car electric kettle displays in two digit mode. The functions of heating and heat preserving are combined independently. The temperature to be preserved can be set freely.

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