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Car Power Inverter


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Nowadays almost every family own a car. For anyone who travels a considerable amount in a car, understanding the benefits of having a car power inverter is really important.

People tend to carry many electrical gadgets with them while traveling over long distances. These are usually carried to keep the fellow passengers entertained. Most of the equipments have limited battery life, or just need alternating current power supply. So, a solution is needed to keep these running. Purchasing a vehicle power inverter will provide a flexible and convenient solution.

There are two types of current – Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). Whilst the battery of the car is capable of supplying power to the electrical accessories in the car through direct current (DC), other electrical goods like computers, televisions and power tools use alternating current (AC). So, what if one would like to use AC using equipments while traveling in a car? That is where the car power inverter steps in. It is that clever device that can plug into the car’s electrical system, which is DC and convert it into AC, thus enabling the usage of all such appliances in the car.

These inverters are available in many sizes. Smaller cord versions can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car and are most commonly seen. Permanent versions are mountable in the compartment that holds the engine of the car and connect directly to the battery. The smaller types stated above are considerably inexpensive. These do not require complicated installations, are easy to use and can run off smaller equipments like laptop computers, small screen televisions and DVD players. Bigger versions that are mounted under-the-hood near the car’s battery are used for driving heavier equipment like flood lights, drills and circular saws.

While some inverters have an elaborate and complex design including number of outlets, others are simple in as much as having just one single electric outlet or USB port. This vast range of car power inverters helps them to address a large number of jobs with versatility and minimum wastage. For example, when going on a long trip in the car, many families like to carry a small television or DVD player to keep the children entertained. For this installing a small, temporary inverter is sufficient. However, police cruisers tend to rely on the permanent power inverters so that they do not have to worry about the battery life of their laptops running out whilst on duty.

It is important to work out the electrical demands before purchasing this inverter. Since most of them have fuses that trip over a certain voltage, using a small one to run equipment that requires a lot of power will not work.

A helpful tip whilst deciding on the car power inverter is to add the maximum voltage that each equipment will require if all were run simultaneously. To this total, add 10%. Get an inverter that can handle this voltage and all should be fine.


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