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Portable Air Compressor for Auto, Motorcycle and Bicycle

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RCP-A3 (Mechanical) RCP-B06 (digital)
RCP-C43B (Mechanical) RCP-B1 (digital)
RCP-C25E (Mechanical) RCP-C36 (Mechanical)
RCP-W08B (Mechanical in-car tire air compressor integrated with sealant)
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Sailwider's digital or mechanical car air compressors are perfect for inflating the auto tire, motorcycle tire, bicycle tire, air bed, ball, and etc.

Air compressors are an essential tool in the auto gadgets. Compressors are small electric motors that pump out large quantities of pressurized air. The power that drives an air compressor -- the pressure it produces -- is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). A typical air compressor generates between 100 and 200 psi (690 and 1,379 kilopascals). Another useful measurement for air compressors is cubic feet per minute (cfm) or how much air the compressor can displace in a minute.

Air compressors usually run off of the vehicle's 12-volt power supply. The compressor can be permanently mounted to the vehicle or stowed away in a portable toolbox. Many people use air compressors in conjunction with on-board air tanks. The tank can be filled with compressed air before a drive to have 5 or 10 gallons (19 to 38 liters) of on-demand pressurized air without waiting for the compressor to power up.

Air compressors have a wide variety of uses, but the most common is inflating tires. Sailwider's tire air compressor has preset function to let the compressor stop working automatically when the required pressure is reached. Air compressors are also essential for re-seating a tire that has slipped off the rim.

As manufacturer and developer, Sailwider supply and export high quality auto air compressor. After testing our products with others, you will know that our quality is the No.1 in the market. When testing our products with others, pay attention to the accuracy, time used for the inflation, continuous working life, materials and appearance. Our factory has well-managed molding facilities, SMT lines, injection workshops to meet your special request quickly.


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