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Centralized Electricity Energy Saving Management System

Attention Please!

Our R&D team has made big improvement on this system, with update to be released very soon!

It's a smarter system with easy to operate software.

It is flexible to build a powerful electricity management network very easily!

And the size of the network can be adjusted freely.


Our centralized electricity power management system allows the computer to monitor and manage all the energy consuming appliances in a larger quantity and within a larger area than our uni-directional (1-way) energy monitor and bi-directional (2-way) energy monitor and control system.

The centralized system adopts 433MHz wireless transmission technology and uses data repeaters to collect information from all data collection terminals (power transmitters / IAMs).

The wireless system is consisted by data collection terminals (power transmitters / IAMs), data repeaters, bi-directional controllers and our management software. The number of each item should be decided by number of monitored objects.

Each repeater can receive information from and send the computer's instruction to up to 28 data collection terminals. If more than 28pcs data collection terminals need to be run, then more repeaters need to be added into the system.

The repeaters connect to the computer software via a USB interface or RS485/RS232 interface. With the repeaters collecting information and sending instruction, all monitored energy consuming appliances can be watched and managed easily via our software in the computer by one single person.

The centralized electrical energy saving management system can be widely applied in many cases due to its convenience and low cost. To get a full appreciation of what this means, please click and refer to a case regarding the application of our power saving management system in a lighting system.

Please refer to the network structure of the energy saving management system as below.

Monitored Power Range: 5W--2.5KW
Remote Control Distance: 200m (outdoor), 30-80m (indoor)
Operating Frequency: 433MHZ
Operating Humidity Range: <80%
Operating Temperature Range:-20--60℃
Power Supply: 220V~240V
Countdown Time ≥60 seconds
Limited energy consumption daily: To be set by the user
Limited energy consumption monthly: To be set by the user
Overload Indicator: To be set by the user

  • Significantly reduce electricity consumption

  • Significantly reduce maintenance cost

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