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1. Uni-directional Electricity Energy Saving Monitor

2. Bi-directional Electricity Energy Saving Monitor and Control System

 For 1-way monitoring purpose with low cost

 For 2-way monitoring and controlling purposes

china electricity energy monitor from manufacturer Sailwider

China Bi-directional Electrical Energy Monitor from Manufacturer and Developer Sailwider


3. Wireless In-home Display (IHD) based on Zigbee, Mbus, 433Mhz and etc.

Can be integrated with smart meters, solar inverters and other home information center.

smart meter IHD,wireless in-home display based on zigbee,mbus,433MHz


4. Centralized Electrical Power-saving Management System

 For big systems and large applications

Centralized Electrical Energy Monitoring and Control System from Manufacturer and Developer Sailwider


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